steve h

Diversity & Community Relations Judge for Leicester

Responding to the news that Leicester City Council are planning a restructure of their funding of some voluntary sector organisations which will exclude TREC from receiving further funding.

“….made grim reading because the work of TREC is very important in contemporary society and its work is not yet done and will remain to be done for a long time so funding is crucial.”

Simon Hammond

His Honour Judge Simon Hammond 
Leicester Crown Court



I wanted to write to thank you for your contribution to Locality’s Annual Convention in Leicester.  It was much appreciated and it helped to make the Convention perhaps the most successful event we’ve ever organised.  The feedback to date has been incredibly positive – including for the visit to the Race Equality Centre.

Thanks again,


Steve Clare
Deputy Chief Executive


jon Ash

The Race Equality Centre and Leicester City

I am very grateful for the on-going relationship between my office and The Race Equality Centre. This working relationship is of benefit to my work as an MP, and I hope it is of equal benefit to your organistation.

Not long after my election in 2011 the assistance you gave me, along with other organisations in Leicester, in order to challenge the government’s reforms to ESOL provision was essential. I was pleased that the government listened to my campaign and amended its proposed changes, but unfortunately it did not abandon all of its reforms which will have an adverse impact on Leicester and its different communities.

More recently, reports you have provided me on the Equality Act and use of Stop and Search by the police nationally have been very useful.

The support of The Race Equality Centre (TREC), along with the Highfields Centre has been crucial in establishing a food bank in the Highfields area of Leicester. This project is a result of the multi-agency meetings that I hold in Highfields that look at addressing the impact of the government’s reforms to social security.

In addition to the above examples of the support that TREC has provided to me and my office, The various services and initiatives of your organisation benefit the City as a whole.

For example, your work enables the City Council to manage demographic changes and the integration of new communities in the City, which is essential to community cohesion in Leicester.  This work complements TREC’s public education role which enables communities to access services that they would otherwise face insurmountable barriers to access.

The community development work undertaken by TREC has had many positive outcomes; not least the fact that organisations in Highfields have agreed action plans to migrate the impact of the government’s reform of social security on the different community groups.  In addition, TREC has continued to provide ongoing support and advice to organistions seeking to shape, design and deliver services to the residents of Leicester.

I am aware that the above is a very small snapshot of all the different work undertaken be TREC that benefits the communities and citizens of Leicester, but it is clear that TREC is vital to many aspects of life in Leicester City.

As always, if there is ever anything I may be able to assist with please do not hesitate to contact me or my office.

Jon Ashworh

Member of Parliament for Leicester South

Telehealth Africa

Telehealth Africa and indeed my own self have been very much supported by TREC; through training/courses in Advocacy as well as in providing advice and guidance regarding issues that I have had with Authorities at the University of Leicester and the NHS.

It will be very sad indeed if the services provided by The Race Equality Centre were to be compromised in any way.
It should be understood that our own efforts as individuals and small ‘easy to ignore organisations’ in resolving our problems are not a substitute to the role that TREC plays in supporting us when we have issues with the BIG INSTITUTIONS. Experience has shown that an individual or a ‘small organisation like ours would simply be ignored. However, when TREC writes to any of these big institutions, they do listen!!!
We must fight tooth and nail to preserve TREC and if possible give TREC more teeth to bite!!!

Long Live TREC!!!
Dr. John Barry Omara
Medical Director Telehealth Africa


International Trade Hub, 51 Kenilworth Drive Oadby Leicester LE2 5LT UK

Leicestershire Asian Business Association (LABA) has been involved with The Race Equality Centre for many years, engaging in collaborative trips across Europe, partnering on jointly funded programmes and sharing staff skills as appropriate.

The Race Equality Centre is Leicestershire’s conscience on issues of racial equality. For decades this organisation has focused on the support of marginalised communities, the recent migrants and, the under-represented.

The reach of this organisation across the public sphere is no mean feat and it is tireless in championing racial justice in a city which professes a significant racial mix by adding a ‘reality check’ to the complacent rhetoric.

In recent years TREC has managed to forge links with the business community to ensure that social cohesion and equality are an integral part the City’s economic wellbeing.

This is an organisation which should be awarded for its role of working with policy makers and communities irrespective of nationality, to address race equality outcomes.

It was for these reasons LABA recently bestowed a lifetime achiever’s award on the Chief Executive of The Race Equality Centre.



The Race Equality Centre:

Over the past year The Race Equality Centre have supported and helped the Leicestershire & Rutland County Football Association to further its equality objectives.

This support has always been professionally provided in such a way as to allow for effective discussion and, when necessary, the positive challenging of established approaches so that effective change and development can be achieved.

In particular The Race Equality Centre has supported the investigation, analysis and decision making with regard to high profile discipline cases where race has been an aggravating factor. Whilst such cases are often emotive and highly charged the input from The Race Equality Centre staff has always been calm and considered and has therefore enabled the Association to move forward in its approach.

Additionally, The Race Equality Centre is supporting the Association to deliver organisational changes that will further embed inclusion in every aspect of its work.

Without the support of The Race Equality Centre it is unlikely that the Association would have been able to make the changes it has nor to plan confidently for its future equality initiatives. Therefore, whilst not only appreciating the support we have already received the Association would wish to see and support the continuation of that service.

Keith Murdoch

Chief Executive Officer


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