‘Together We Won The War’ Exhibition


The Race Equality Centre Leicester and Leicestershire (TREC) has received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for their project called ‘Together we won the war’, awarded through HLF’s First World War: then and now programme.

The project will focus on highlighting the contribution of racial minority communities who supported the British armed forces in the war effort. To mark the Centenary of the First World War, the project will enable people to come together to preserve the memories and heritage of those who lived through the First World War.

We are looking for volunteers will collect photographs, newspaper clippings, documents, letters, memorabilia, as well as family tales to help build a clear picture of what life was really like during the war.

The exhibition will show how individuals from across the world were recruited into the armed forces in alliance with Britain, the different roles they played in the war, including the battles that were predominantly fought using soldiers from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean and some of the heroes amongst them. The preservation of this heritage is important to make future generations aware of the significant roles played by their ancestors in World War

For further information, images and interviews, please contact:-

Kamljit Obhi – Project Manager at the Race Equality Centre
Tel: 0116 2042792
Email: Kamljit.obhi@theraceequalitycentre.org.uk
Tara Munroe – Curator
Tel: 07800773554
Email: Tara.munroe@theraceequalitycentre.org.uk


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