What do you see, when you look at me?

The Race Equality Centre (TREC)’s inaugural exhibition.


This work aims to challenge our perceptions of other people’s appearances and to dispel visual stereotypes.



This exhibition forms part of a wider vision to deliver groundbreaking, thought provoking work that will allow us to break down barriers, enhance knowledge and embrace each other’s abilities and successes.



TREC is in the process of developing a Heritage Impact Centre to tell the stories of minority communities and their contribution to British society both near and far, past and present.


We are delighted to invite you to look closely at the physical appearances of our amazing volunteers who have generously contributed their time and effort to welcome us into their personal and professional lives.



Curve Theatre: 26th July – 25th September 2014


Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living, The West End Centre, Andrewes Street, Leicester, LE3 5PA


This work will be available to utilize as an educational resource, locally and nationally.

Curator: Tara Munroe.

Project Manager: Kamljit Obhi.

Photography: Kajal Nisha Patel.


Supported by LCIL

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