We Stood Our Ground – TREC MUST STAY

We Stood Our Ground - TREC MUST STAY

Over 100 people came out to support TREC lobby the Labour group at the Town Hall Square yesterday.

Professor Gus John came to Leicester specially to voice his fears of what would happen to a city like Leicester without TREC.

Speakers reflected on the National and historical relevance of the organisation as well as its contemporary work in addressing racial inequality and providing support to both people who are newly arrived in Leicester and our home grown communities from minority backgrounds.

Cheryl Armatrading came out and spoke about the support TREC provided to her after the death of her son Antion Akpom. She relayed how TREC had become part of her family in her hour of need, at a time where she was unaware of who could help at such a difficult point.

We had support from London, Northamptonshire and Derby. Northampton’s REC came out to support and show solidarity. Together we united.

Ages ranged from toddler to 80s

All nationalities

The crowd repeatedly called on the Labour Group to hear that ‘TREC must stay’. #savetrec


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